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Buskers (walk about entertainers)

About Our Buskers

Buskers (Multi Talented Walk about entertainers)
Stilt Walking, juggling, uni-cycling, balloon sculpting and pocket magic available.

Min of 1 hour up to a max of 6 hours
Ages 4 and up

All our buskers are multi-talented and can entertain with a variety of juggling, pocket magic and balloon sculpting.

Some buskers can do stilt walking and uni-cycling as well. Buskers are great for corporate events to create that typical carnival atmosphere. They are also ideal for shopping malls, carnivals and festivals.

Book our buskers to do meet and greet at your next function. It is a great ice breaker and different way to make your guests feel welcome.

Stilt Walkers, because of their height, are visual and will easily stand out in any crowd.

Entertainers who are booked to busk for a period of 3 – 6 hours will take a 15-minute break after every two-hour session.

RD the Clown

RD The Clown is a young and talented entertainer, always full of energy.

RD The Clown is one of our best all round, multi-talented walkabout entertainers.

With his sparkling personality, he will comfortably mingle with the crowd and entertain them at the same time.

RD The Clown can be booked to do a variety of entertainment such as uni-cycling, wide variety of juggling, stilt walking, balloon sculpting and some pocket magic.

RD The Clown is ideal for corporate events, family fundays, shopping malls and even birthday parties.

When on stilts RD The Clown will easily stand out in any huge crowd.

When it comes to walkabout entertainment RD The Clown offers the best value for money with his wide variety of entertaining skills.

Ten Ten The Clown

Ten Ten The Clown can entertain you and your guests with a wide variety of skills like juggling, uni-cycling, balloon sculpting and stilt walking.

What makes Ten Ten The Clown unique is the fact that he can speak most of our official languages including Afrikaans and English

Ten Ten The Clown has a good sense of humor and when he is around, fun and laughter is guarenteed.

Ten Ten The Clown can be booked for short periods at birthday parties and even for the whole day at corporate events.

Ten Ten The Clown is always very neat and presentable, professional and punctual.

Seasonal Characters

Easter Bunnies and Santas

The Easter Bunny is not the only chatacter that can be book through Gerard the Clown Events and Entertainment. Santa is also available for bookings during the festive season.

What better way to entertain the crowd, than with an entertainer dress in chacater in a specific season. all our characters are professional entertainers and can entertain with a variety of skills such as juggling, pocket magic, and balloon scultping.

They can also be booked to appear for photo opportunities or to hand out easter eggs or gifts.

Our Easter Bunny and Santa can be booked as walkabout entertainers also known as buskers.

Should you require, our Easter Bunny will also facilitate an easter egg hunt for you.

Clumze Eddie and Cherry Pop

Clumze Eddie and Cherry Pop

These two young and talented entertainers offer a very unique and different act that can be booked at any corporate event, shopping malls etc.

This is stilt walker Clumze Eddie with his Life Size Marionette, Cherry Pop the puppet.

This is such a special because you basically get two professional entertainers, working together for the same price as just one busker.

So if you are looking for something new and different for your next event, why not try this fresh idea?

Clumze Eddie The Clown

Clumze Eddie can also be booked as a solo busker.

He will entertain with a variety of close up pocket magic, juggling, balloon sculpting, and clowning around.

Siobhan Our Lady Stilt Walker

Siobhan (Only available in Gauteng)

The lovely Miss Siobhan will grace you with her presence, friendliness, and beauty. She is great with the kids and a real people’s person. Not only does she have the most beautiful costumes, but she knows how to entertain and mingle with the crowds. She will make any stranger feel at home.

The kids and especially the little boys, sometimes even the big boys just love Miss Siobhan. With her kind personality, she will talk in the kindest voice to the kids. With her background as an educational psychologist, there is no better entertainer to book for your next kiddies event.

Siobhan will mingle with the crowds and entertain them in a fun and friendly way. She will even hand out some balloon animals and the kids can choose what they want from her huge repertoire.

Please note that prices are subject to change without prior notification.