Petting farms, Animal rides and Animal shows

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Camel Rides

Camels can be booked for family fun days, corporate events and shopping centers.

They can also be booked for matric farewells and weddings.
This will be great for photo opportunities and will turn your big day into
a memorable one. On special requests our camels and handlers will
dress according to your theme (Arabian nights etc). We have a couple of different
color schemes available.

We offer a minimum of 2 camels and 2 handlers per function.


Pony rides

Great fun for corporate functions, family fun days and birthday parties.

We now also offer Pony Olympics. This is only available for birthday parties
and for maximum of 20 kids. Our highly trained staff will divide the kids into
2 teams and will play games involving the kids and ponies and will also organize
pony races. At the end the kids will receive prizes.
Pony Olympics total duration: 1 hour.

Did you know?
There is a difference between mini horses and ponies.
Ponies are bigger than mini horses.
horses get classified as mini horses when they are under 90cm high,
Mini horses can carry up to 35kgs.
If they are higher than 90cm by the shoulder they get classified as ponies.

Ponies can carry up to 55kgs

Animal Farms

Our animal farm normally come with goat, sheep, ducks, bantam fowls, bunnies
and ponies for riding.

The big animal farm comes with 2 ponies for riding and the small animal
farm comes with only one pony for riding

The animal farm can be booked for a minimum of 2 hours at birthday parties and
corporate events for up to a maximum of 6 hours at corporate events.

We also offer an edufarm for nursery schools where the handler will do a 30min
educational talk on the farm animals where after the kids will be able to touch
the animals while the handler is holding them. They will also get an opportunity
to feed the animals and to ride on the pony.
Edufarm total duration: 1hour 30 min.

The farm yard and ponies are only available for bookings from 10am due to
feeding and other early morning responsibilities on the farm.

More animal edutainment


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