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Gerard the Magician

Gerard’s Kids Magic show:
Gerard’s Kids Magic show:

Gerard’s Kids Magic show:

40 minute show
Ages 8 and up
Even though the magic in this show is a bit more advanced and the presentation a bit different, the show is still based on the same success recipe as Gerard’s clown show. The show is loud, colorful, funny and fun filled with loads of laughter and audience participation.

The show is enjoyed by both adults and kids, even though it is aimed at the children and age appropriate.

The show includes comedy, comedy magic, a comedy balloon routine where the birthday child will get to keep two twisted balloons as his / her special gift. Ventriloquism goes hand in hand with magic and therefore Dolfie the living doll also appears in this show and again, Dolfie is who makes this show so unique and different from other magic shows. You can expect to be wowed every time.


Kulkuns Kapperjolle (Gerard and Ricky’s magic and illusion show):

30 minute / 1 hour / 1 hour 30 minute shows available
Family entertainment for all ages
This show is mobile and can be booked anywhere in South Africa. The show offers a variety of stand up comedy, stage magic, ventriloquism, fire and illusions.

Gerard and Ricky create a magical evening out for the whole family, with this show.

This show with traditional magic and illusions will turn any event into a magical occasion and will leave people talking about it for months thereafter.

Gerard will also leave the audience baffled and stunned with his great mind reading, magical and entertainment abilities. This show is a must for any corporate event, schools and festivals.

Read more about our illusion show by visiting the Kulkuns Kapperjolle website below:
Kulkuns Kapperjolle (Gerard and Ricky’s magic and illusion show):
Kulkuns Kapperjolle (Gerard and Ricky’s magic and illusion show):  

Other magicians on our books

Trevor the Magician
Trevor the Magician
Trevor the Magician

Children’s Magic shows
Trevor presents a very fun filled Magic show, consisting of stories, loads of comedy, participation with the kids and lots of magic. 

Close-up Magic
With this entertainment, Trevor strolls around between the guests and spend 7-12
minutes per group, entertaining them with very sophisticated, comedy magic .
magic that happens right under their noses and even in their own hands!  
It is good, clean entertainment which ‘breaks the ice’ for people who may not
know each other. 


Trevor also has different theme characters: Pirate, Cowboy, Dr. Livingston and The Jester.



Platform shows
Trevor presents a 40 minute show, consisting of a combination of comedy and amazing out-of-the-hands MAGIC.  Audience participation is an integral part of the show and he guarantees an extremely professional and entertaining performance. 

Viv the Magician Viv the Magician
Close-up and kids magic shows

It is most difficult to fool the eye when magic is taking place under one's nose as happens with close-up magic. Not only does Viv Kirk perform his magic with flawless perfection, right in front of his audience, but he performs his art with a light-hearted, entertaining presence.

Viv has been doing magic from a young age, winning his first competition at the age of 12. His professional career spans the last two decades and his clients have include Sun International, Samsung, 8ta and Hollard Insurance to mention but a few. Viv is comfortable and adaptable, able to perform magic at large corporate events like product launches, or more intimate settings like weddings, twenty-firsts and bar mitzvahs.

Vivian hones his skills almost daily, performing close-up "table hopping" regularly at local restaurants. For fifteen years Viv performed every Sunday at the award winning Chuck Wagon Restaurant, until its closure in Nov 2012. He missed one Sunday in 15 years.


Other Party Activities and Entertainment

We offer a variety of other party activities and entertainment such as Fairies, Princesses,
Craft Workshops, Games, and now also Boot camp
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