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(see below what the differeces are between birthday party and corporate clients)

Birthday Prices
Corporate Prices

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What is the difference between Birthday Parties and Corporate Events?

The number of people to be entertained and or catered for. The average Birthday Party will have between 20 (twenty) to 30 (thirty) kids.
Nursery Schools, Church Events and Charity Events will all fall under Corporate Events.
The only time a show / event at a Nursery School, School, Church and or for a Charity will fall under a Birthday Parties, will be when the event is booked for only the class and not the entire school, or for small Nursery Schools and Charity Events with less than 30 kids.

Why do we charge more for Corporate Events?

When doing a show at a Corporate Event:

The entertainer will need to bring a sound system so all the people can hear. The bigger the crowd, the bigger the sound system.
The entertainer will bring bigger and more visual Props so the people can see what he / she is doing.
Entertainers booked to do bigger or huge events, are experienced and trained to enforce stricter crowd control while entertaining. They know how to control and deal with huge crowds.
Bigger events mean harder work and a lot more equipment, which is why the prices are much higher.

When providing equipment and rides at a Corporate Event:

The equipment works harder because of the number of people attending the event and their will most likely be a constant queue at rides and equipment.
This also means that there is a lot more wear and tear on the equipment and rides.
Where we can do three to four Birthday Parties before equipment needs to be serviced, we need to service and do maintenance on equipment and rides after each single Corporate Event, to ensure safety.
Bigger events mean higher running costs, which is why the prices are much higher.