Gerard and Rd the Clowns

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Gerard and RD Gerard and RD the Clowns offer two
entertainer packages with a variety
of entertainment such as:

Duo comedy magic clown show,
Duo juggling routines,
Balloon sculpting,
Face painting,
Stilt walking,
Gerard and rd the balloon sculpting clowns

Gerard and RD’s duo comedy magic clown show:

1 hour show
All ages
This show is new, exciting and will give that Circus type feel to any occasion. This show is even available for kids birthday parties. The show is loud, colorful, hilariously funny and fun filled with loads of laughter and audience participation.


The show is enjoyed by both adults and kids. The show includes juggling, lots of comedy, clowning, comedy magic, a comedy balloon routine, Dolfie the living doll and the head chopper illusion. This show requires a power point for the sound system.


The music and a beautifully choreographed juggling routine will make you feel like you are at the Circus. With juggling, clowning, magic, ventriloquism and an illusion, this show offers a wide variety of entertainment and value for your money. Like any of Gerard’s other shows, you will not be disappointed.


The combination of two great and talented entertainers, father and son, brings you a show with the experience of age and the energy of youth. Gerard and RD, the second generation.


gerad and rd's duo clown show gerard and rd doing double juggling face painting gerard and ard with mr P
Gerard and RD's
comedy magic clown show
Gerard and RD doing a duo
juggling routine at a festival
Gerard and RD
doing Face painting
Gerard and RD
with celebrity Pelican, Mr. P

Gerard and RD the Clowns now offer the following brand new entertainment packages

These packages are great for festivals, corporate function, family fun days and schools

Kiddies Entertainment Corner


Kiddies Entertainment Corner
(Kids under 5 to be accompanied by an adult)


Please note that this will be a Kiddies entertainment area, not a day care or baby sitting facility!

Total space required: 16m x 13m

Fenced area: 12m x 10m 


Power point required: 1

Kiddies Entertainment Corner opens at 10H00 and closes at 16H00 or 18H00 depending on the event.

What is the Kiddies Entertainment Corner?

Gerard and RD the Clowns came up with this unique concept of an all in one entertainment package for your next event.
2 of South Africas most loved and popular kids entertainers will keep the kids entertained.

Gerard and RD the Clowns will do 1 or 2 Duo 60 minute Comedy Magic Clown Shows per day depending on the duration of your function. We will also provide a carnival games stand with 4 games and operator where the kids can enjoy traditional carnival games, there will also be a supervised sit down corner where kids can play with play dough, color in some pictures or build puzzles.

We will also setup a neat fence with colorful decorations to make this area vibrant and attractive for the kids.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote and full scheduled program on the entertainment for the day.
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