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Circus School

Please note: Circus School (Kids under 5 to be accompanied by an adult)

Please note that this will be a circus school arena, not a day care or baby-sitting facility!

Our Circus School is not only about testing your own skills such as balancing and hand / eye co-ordination. It is also about great fun and entertainment for both young and old.

(Please note that Gerard and Ricky will not be dressed as Clowns when booked to do the Circus School and Show)

Now you can try your hand at traditional Circus acts:

*Rola – Bola
*Balance Ball
*Tight Rope
*Plate Spinning
*Flower Sticks
*Peg Stilts
*Club Juggling
*Ball Juggling
*Ring Juggling
*Ribbon Poi


Some of the Circus School Equipment

A boy doing Rola Bola
A boy trying out the balance ball
A tightrope walker in the making
Kid doing the Uni-cycle
Little girl mastering plate spinning
girl trying the diablo out
small boy playing with the Flower Sticks
Peg stilts
You said "red one first" right?
Please note that prices are subject to change without prior notification.